Droommoord, Desillusie Dodengang

by Weemoed



Droommoord has been released on tape by Kaladruna (kaladruna.nl) and Russian label Depressive Illusions. It should be released totally, with bonustracks (tracks 10, 11), under the same title of Droommoord. Labels contact, if interested in releasing preferably all my musick, three releases up till now, and it will be more...

'Weemoed' means something like: thoughtful sadness, or the longing for things that are gone and going. 'Droommoord' means: 'dream murder', which is both murder of dream and dream of murder.

Droommoord is a monument of melancholy, moodiness, despair.
This art is a way to cope with the futility of things, futile as it is, here it stands as a crumbling statue of the dying inner self and a testament of pain and hate, helpnesness and hopelesness without glorifications of life, breaking through this sham of ordinary life to reach for deeper self, the depressed self. Personally, I'm all for conquering the sad states of self, but as an art form I focus on the pain because it shouldn't be too much repressed... and it's fun folks! Realizing it's not so bad as lyrics suppose it is, can be consoling even. No pain, no gain, you know.

Doom, death and decay rule supreme, suffering is a burden we have to bear, happiness a mask we must sometimes wear, words I share, in the abyss I stare. Only blackness... Wrapped in beautiful melodies, so I can infect you with it... if you're not already infected ofcourse.

Death's all folks! Suffer in silence or scream your soul out while listening to this sacrifice... Melancholy Black (Metal) Art from the gloomy depths of the Netherlands.

Hail, SonderlingHerr of Weemoed.


released October 10, 2014

Droommoord has been released on tape by Kaladruna (kaladruna.nl) and Russian label Depressive Illusions. It should be released totally, with bonustracks (tracks 10, 11), under the full title of Droommoord, Desillusie, Dodendans in the future. Labels contact, if interested in releasing Weemoed.

Music by SonderlingHerr, with some help of Mordenare and Anonymous Agony, Hugo Distler and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (speech), and some short classic piano with voice pieces from Hugo Wolf, see the individual tracks for specific references information. Editing done by SonderlingHerr (samples, music compositions, mixing, mastering). Lyrics shall follow... Bonus tracks credits information is specified at the specific bonus tracks.



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Track Name: Intrede Van Weemoed & Wanhoop Dewelke Brandt Doch Vergaat Niet, Tranen Vergeefs Vergiet, Zielen Zwartgeblakerd Achterlaat
Deine Seele ist Schwarz... (taken from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Die Zauberflöte).
Track Name: Waar Dood Speelt De Eerste Viool (Daar Loopt De Levensreis Door Diepdonkere Dalen, Noopt De Zaaizeismensch Tot Wormenspijs)
Lyrics are edited by SonderlingHerr, taken from Hugo Distler, vocal piece Totentanz (year 1934 mittelniederdeutschen Lübecker Totentanzes Nachdichtung, originating from 15th century medieval times death dance or dodendans in Dutch, Totentanz in German, dance macabe in French, life in general. Door diepdonkere dalen zowel beeldend symbolisch als religieus te duiden (dit leven hier op aarde "als een tranendal"). Met de ´zaaizeismensch´ wordt bedoeld dat mensen tot de dood gedoemd zijn.
One lyric/voice line ('Wie sind wir Wandermüde') taken from Richard Strauss, Vier letzte Lieder #4 Im Abendrot.

Lyrics later.
Track Name: Hoop Doet Sterven! (Luchtkastelen In Lijkwaden Verdrijven Sluierwolken Naar Klaarheid Waar Waarheid Zucht Onder Stervenstucht)
Lyrics later!
Track Name: Gekweld, Verlaten, Verloren... Stilzwijgend Gehuld In Grauwsluiers (Nevel Van Naargeestigheid, Somberstarend In Nachtelijk Niets)
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Track Name: Ten Grave Gedragen Levenslust, Oplaaiend, Doodskist Betraand Later Grafgrijselijk Te Gronde Gaand (Waar Deemoed, Weemoed)
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Track Name: Ik Doorboor De Grafkisten, Geliefden Gewenst Dan Gemist, Hol Leven Gepenetreerd, Gewist Gelijk Mijn Lichaam-Geest Reeds Bekist (Liefdesmoord)
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Track Name: Depressief, Dadeloos Gaat Een Leven Zonder Verwachting Aan Zelfverachting Ten Onder (Levensdromen Verbeten Dan Vergeten)
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